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Leandro Bauducco

This photograph was made in the special school for children with disabilities APADIR.
We went there with my group of students which were in the introductory course of photography. This school was celebrating the anniversary of the institution with a photo contest. Was a good idea to go with my students because they were very motivated and moved by what they encountered in school.

For my part I was with ethical dilemmas so I decided to take pictures to accompany my students and encourage them to make some shots.
Without any doubt at the moment I enter the corridor and saw in that room I knew that I  would make a photograph, the backlight, the tones and the length of the hall were ideal.
We toured the classrooms, took lots of pictures to the childrens while performing their activities at recess waiting to see them play, and take outdoor shots.

The moment I saw this little boy walk down the hall painstakingly touched me, and then the child went to his room.

I was really delight by the image, perhaps to face the reality sometimes is easier because one is ready and everything happens more rushed, but in the photographic image really encapsulates the reality of this child who walked with great effort that corridor.

I didn’t  send this photo to the contest and I think now, as I write these lines, what was for. This picture shows the will and tenacity of the child who with  very difficulty walks “step by step”. And with this picture I felt I had done something.. convey the message …



A la vera del Camino

Quiero como para inaugurar el blog contar un poco sobre esta toma

When i travel across my coutry i love take pictures from the car… In this picture we were returningfrom a neighboring town “Santa Fe” and and on the outskirts i found so much poverty and many people living on the roadside. So was that one of the many shots to my surprise capture this shot.
It is for me a picture that characterizes all those people who spends part of his life to one side while others pass them by ignoring them. A tribute to these people and hopefully one to draw attention to those who do not want to know what happens to these people marginalized


Leandro Bauducco